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Casa Albertina in Vienna - long term contract in place

"Casa Albertina" is a fully furnished apartment in Vienna. With its location on the 2nd floor in an old building, it is very quiet with high ceilings and long windows, which give the place a special atmosphere. A long entrance leads to the living room/kitchen and finally to a separate and quiet bedroom. The bathroom combines shower and bathtub and invites you to relax after a long day at work. The place itself is well connected via buses, trams and also the metro to more or less any location in Vienna.

Casa Mirabella in Kuchl - long term contract in place

Casa Mirabella is a 65m2 apartment on the second floor of a traditional house in Kuchl. All floors are accessed via the central entrance and each has an independent entrance. The apartment consists of a large living room with access to the balcony, a welcoming bedroom, a kitchen, a children's bedroom and a large closet. From the kitchen you have a beautiful view of the surrounding greenery: a small grove where deer run free and the large garden of the house where you can relax in the hammock hanging between the apple trees. From the balcony you can see the mountains and the road that leads to the station. On foot you can reach the next train station in less than 5 minutes, or a parking lot for your car and the next motorway exit is only 2 km away. A small paradise where nature caresses you and at the same time close to the center.

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