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About Us

we love travelling, meeting new people, creatig unique places in different regions

We are an odd but happy couple. We were born in different parts of Europe but somehow managed to overcome the distance and embrace our different culture upbringing. Every flight and travel has given us inspiration and determination to love and make it a piece of our own everyday life.

This is what we hope for you to find out in our places.

Just like us - some things we created spontaneously, such as piece of furniture we found by chance and we turned it into a beautiful sideboard - others have been thought through for many months before beeing aquired. 

We like to give things, especially furniture, a second chance - upcycling is the current word - and try to be considerate with natural resources.

At the end, something special came together that suits us and our way of life.


We also transfer all this to our apartments and co-working spaces to create places where you can feel comfortable. What you will also notice is the mixture of different lifestyles and cultures,that represent us.

We hope that you like to stay with us - with us "at home"


Until then, all the best


Valmira & Jens

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